My Story


Nancy GraceHello, 


My name is Nancy and I have been doing something creative most of my life in one way or another. From coloring in my books when I was a child to drawing pictures and decoupaging, doing plays to making friendship bracelets for all my friends at camp, I was always doing something . For me it was an escape from not fitting in at school and being picked on to being stuck at the hospital all the time due to my chronic condition Thalassemia. 

My passion for creating wonderful keepsakes slowly morphed into making my own birthday, wedding and Christmas cards. This was a really happy accident that led me to a bigger passion than just making scrapbooks. Soon I found myself watching You Tube videos and learning and exploring as much as I could. I even decided to sell scrap booking and card-making supplies. This allowed me to really explore and use stamps which, I have to admit intimidated me at first, but now I can't seem to get enough of them.

I am also a new mom to twins who are the loves of my life. I want to inspire them and show them that they can follow their passion and make it their career: that they do not have to settle for less then they deserve and work at something that does not truly fulfill their heart and soul. 

I am a certified Angel Card reader and have been part of many psychic fairs and private parties. You can learn more about me and my services on my website 

Additionally, I am a certified Reiki practitioner as well as a counselor. 

I am all about helping others and giving back.