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Valentines Card #2 and Haul

Good Afternoon  Crafty friends, I am truly sorry about the delay in the next card but life has gotten a little crazy around here and i have not had much time to create. Which is never fun. Although i was also waiting on my big haul from #SimonSaysStamp.  

Valentines Card #1

So i have actually started my valentines cards, so early for me to be honest,  Anyway i have and its been a lot of fun, specially with all the releases being posted on YouTube, Facebook and so forth. I been inspired, to spend more (You guessed right)...LOL  I had to go to  my local craft stores and purchase some new stamps and dies for Valentines day.

Art Impressions "Whats New Challenge"

So i decided to take part in the Art Impressions, Whats new challenge, and had planned on having everything done before today. But that didn't  work out as planned. Lol . I knew what stamp i wanted to use but the design of the card just was not coming together. Basically for the last three days i would just stare at all my stuff stumped.

Merry Belated Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I am sorry i have been  a little slow on posting in the last few weeks, As for the coming year some of my goals are to
post a few times a week, take part in more challenges, and delve in to the world of creating videos of my cards. This is a lofty ambition  considering there is much going on in my world at the moment, But nothing makes me happier then working towards something as fun as these challenges. 

The Flow is BACK!!!!!

Well  its been about a week and a half since I really got in to the grove of making cards. I don't know about you, but it really bites!  To have a lack of ideas or "CREATIVE FLOW" when you know you have things to make. That is what has happened to me, that and I could not concentrate on anything for more then 5 minutes at a time.

Christmas Rush!!!

Good Morning, all my crafty friends. I am sorry that i have not posted in a little while. Life has gotten a little crazy as the holidays are approaching!!!! But i am sure you all can relate. I am not sure about you but my creative flow has been a little lacking, maybe its the rush to get everything done or maybe its having too many options in my stash these days. ( I am very grateful for this thought ) :-)

Seeing Stars Card Challenge.. Simon Says Stamps

Hey crafty friends. So i decided to take part in another Challenge.. Wow three in one week. Hmm this is a first for me..  This cards sort of came to be over the last couple of days and to be honest I was not sure how it was going to turn out. But all in all I am pretty happy with the turn out.  

November 17th 2014

​Good Morning beautiful Crafters. So i decided to pop in and take part in another awesome challenge that is happening over at the Cards in Envy blog. I will put the link it at the bottom.

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